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UFC Fight Night i Brasilien

Damir kæmpede for nogle uger siden i UFC i Belém. Damir kæmpede en hård kamp, men tabte desværre på points.

Her er hvad Coach Koubti havde at sige omkring kampen

We didn’t get the W last night but once again Damir Hadzovic showed what he is made of and I’m proud to call him my fighter. Competing at the highest level of martial arts will have its ups and downs.
Being a coach is not only to be there in good times but also kind of learn to embrace the harder times as well, so you can learn, evolve and give the experience back to your fighters.
We travel and see the world for free and doing what we love to do, and that you have to celebrate. I know when I get old and look back at all these fight weeks, they will be some of the best weeks of my life

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