Alexander Trans Hvem Vinder Brasilero

In the running, the better known Antonio Peinado, Leonardo Leite and Alexander Trans are contenders for the title, but they’re not to far ahead of Thiago Gaia and Bruno and Victor Hugo.
Winner: Leonardo Leite

Having set up shop at CheckMat Paraíba, Denmark’s Alexander Trans has been ironing out mistakes and working on attacks with Helder Bob Esponja, Cara de Sapato and the rest of the Northeast Brazilian team. We’ll go with Alexander Trans, who may prove to be a big surprise and become the new champion of the open weight division.
Winner: Alexander Trans skrev at Alexander var favorit til at vinde Brasileiro i Absolute klasse, Alexander deltog ikke i Absolute, men vandt sin vægtklasse. Han den første europæer som har vundet sortbælte adult klasse til Brasileiro. En virkelig flot præstation.

Her er semi finalen.

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